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Updated May 9, 2004

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All DTV listings (applications, construction permits, modified construction permits and licenses) from the FCC CDBS dated May 9, 2004 are available in Excel 5.0 format, compressed with PKZip, at (file size is 455KB). An Excel 2000 spreadsheet with all TV Engineering Database listings for active TV, translator, low power TV and DTV applications as of May 9, 2004 is available at (size is 2813KB). I'm considering posting a separate version of the DTV listings, perhaps in the same state-by-state HTML format I used for the original FCC DTV allocation table as well as in spreadsheet form. Please let me know what technical data fields you feel are essential for a more user-friendly version of this listing.

STATE BY STATE LISTINGS of the February 5, 1999 Revision of the FCC DTV TABLE are available here. These were extracted from an FCC file dated February 5, 1999, based on the DTV Table of Allotments in the Second Memorandum Opinion and Order, released December 18, 1998. Note that many stations have requested channel changes and this table will not reflect that! Download the DTV spreadsheet listed above for an accurate listing of current channel assignments. Download fc98315.xls for an EXCEL 3.0 worksheet version of the 1999 allocation table (350k) or a zipped version of the same file -, (102k).

You may have noticed that I haven't been updating the web site the last few months. All of my effort has been going into my weekly RF Report newsletter, which is being published by TV Technology. Please visit for information on how to receive it by email or to view the latest edition on-line. I've been updating the FCC database spreadsheets every two weeks for the past several months and listing the links in RF Report. If my schedule eases up a bit I plan to add some new features to the web site. For current news, the best source is my weekly RF Report and monthly articles at the web site.

If this is your first visit, check out What is RF and why does it have a Web page?

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TV Technology magazine is available on-line! Visit The site carries the current RF Technology column I write for TV Technology, news on TV transmission, production and distribution, a two year archive of Mario Orazio's relevant, if often irreverent, comments on TV technology, product reviews, classifieds and more.

NOTICE: Due to space limitations TV Technology has not been including the links to other resources mentioned in my RF Technology columns. I have finally had time to compile a complete listing for all links published November 1996 through July 2000. Even if you haven't been able to read the columns, you may find the links interesting and, I hope, useful. Visit the RF Column Links page to view a listing of my TV Technology columns and the links referenced in them. Some of the links are probably out of date by now. If you find updated links, please let me know so I can update them here.

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